Hello fellow Republicans,

St. Joseph County’s state delegates made an appearance at the GOP State Convention in Lansing, MI. Below is a photo of our delegation including one of the 16 Trump electors from Michigan, Rob Weitt.

  • Pictured: Rodney Chupp, Kay Decker, Rob Weitt, Judie Rattering, Charlie Rattering, Joe Haas, Joyce Haas, and former St. Joseph County resident Monica Palmer
  • Not pictured: Representative Aaron Miller and Rob Sisson

At convention this year the MIGOP selected a number of new members to various positions of leadership, starting with a new State Chair to replace Ronna Romney who is now serving as the National GOP Chair! All of the positions decided upon, along with a picture of the new leadership team, are listed below:

  • One (1) State Chair: Ronald Weiser – ron@weisernet.com
  • One (1) Co-Chair: Amanda Van Essen Wirth – amanda.vanessen@gmail.com
  • One (1) Coalitions Vice Chair: Kevin Tatulyan – tatulyank@gmail.com
  • One (1) Outreach Vice Chair: Ben Soltis – benjamin@soltis.org
  • One (1) Grassroots Vice Chair: Mark Gurley – mark.gurley@charter.net
  • One (1) Ethnic Vice Chair: Terris Todd – terrist@caascm.org
  • One (1) Administrative Vice Chair: Gerry Hildenbrand – gerryhildenbrand@aol.com
  • One (1) Youth Vice Chair: Michael Banerian – mbanerian1994@gmail.com

Pictured below (left to right): St. Joseph County GOP Chairman Rodney Chupp, State Party Committee Chairman Kevin Whiteford, 6th District Chairman Victor Fitz, and newly elected State Party Administrative Vice Chair Gerry Hildenbrand, all from our 6th District.

Pictured below: St. Joseph County GOP Chairman Rodney Chupp, with Gubernatorial Candidate Dr. Jim Hines

We are excited to play a part in the political process in Michigan, and we look forward to #BuildingOnOurComeback in the coming months and years.