Hello all,

St. Joseph County made an appearance at the August State Convention in Grand Rapids this past weekend. We filled all of our available delegate positions, which was wonderful. Below is a picture of our delegation (not pictured, Pattie Bender).


Friday evening the 6th District met for discussion. During that time our very own, Rob Weitt, was selected as the 6th District Elector for the State of Michigan (one of sixteen electors). This means WHEN Donald Trump wins the election in November, Rob will cast his vote in the Electoral College in Lansing to officially elect him. Below is a picture of Rob, (Middle) with our St. Joseph County GOP Chair Rodney Chupp (Right) and 59th District State Representative Aaron Miller (Left).


On Saturday, delegates listened to candidate speeches for the following positions:

  • Michigan Supreme Court
  • State Board of Education
  • Michigan State Board of Trustees
  • University of Michigan Board of Regents
  • Wayne State University Board of Governors

Of these positions, only the State Board of Education and WSU Board of Governors were contested primaries. The election results from these contested races, along with all of the other candidates who were nominated for the general election, can be found at mlive.com


We are honored to play a part in the electoral process in Michigan, and we look forward to the general elections in November. Please make sure to get out and vote! #ProtectingOurComeback #Victory2016